After a number of years honing her design skills, Kathryn Sykora brings those skills and her natural sense of style to each project Studio K Design House takes on.

Beginning her design career as a project manager at Jackie Terrell Design, Kathryn learned how to develop and manage residential interior design projects from initial client contact all the way through to completion. Through this experience, Kathryn learned the value of developing positive client relationships and understanding a client’s goals for and vision of a completed project. Additionally, Kathryn began developing her wide network of vendors, contractors and designers that she continues to use at Studio K Design House.

Later, at Rausch Purchasing Management, Kathryn had the opportunity to work on multi-million dollar commercial hospitality projects. In her role as a project manager, Kathryn was responsible for the procurement and installation of all furniture, fixtures and equipment for a given project. Not only did Kathryn learn the intricacies of purchasing on a specified budget, but she also had the chance to hone her client management skills by working closely with clients and designers. The collaborative process learned at Rausch has helped Kathryn to utilize a similar approach with her own clients.

At Mark Weaver & Associates, Kathryn returned to residential interior design. Utilizing her previous experience and own sense of style, Kathryn assisted with the creation of overall design schemes for clients. Consequently, Kathryn expanded her network of contacts to include reputable industry showrooms and custom fabricators.  Also in this position, Kathryn had the chance to handle all aspects of client accounting, which included issuing budget proposals and invoices.

Given all of this experience, a wide network of contacts and Kathryn’s own style, it was a natural fit for Kathryn to take on the challenge of operating her own design firm.